Rotor Balancing Services

We have a complete range of services to cover all your rotor balancing needs and promise quality and customer satisfaction with every job.

Our balancing experience spans across a wide range of automotive, aerospace and industrial parts, providing us with the tools to precisely balance virtually any rotating part.


Whether it’s a repair, a one off or if you manufacture parts infrequently, we’ll provide the same professional and high quality rotor balancing service to all.

Small quantity batch work

For regular batch work we can agree set turnaround times and negotiate fixed rates. In addition, we create internal workflows specific for your parts ensuring consistency between batches.

Large quantity batch work

For regular large quantity batch work we create dynamic balancing cells for your parts to reduce cycle time, improve turnaround time and reduce costs.

R&D & Prototype balancing

If you are developing a new product you can rely on our extensive experience and technical team to help you develop your processes and balance your prototypes. This can be jointly with you, or we can do it all for you.

We regularly work together with companies to develop their products and processes and are likely to already have experience working with parts like yours.

Same day balancing

Need it back the same or next day? No problem! We offer an emergency rotor balancing service for any type of part without compromising on quality and service.

Collection and delivery

We offer competitive collection and delivery services in the UK for any size and quantity order. Alternatively, you are also welcomed to drop the part off yourself at our facility in Bristol, and we’ll let you know when it is ready to be collected.

Associated services

We want to assist you wherever possible by offering a complete range of associated services – a complete outsourced solution.
We can debur, straighten, or repair your rotor.
We can package your balanced parts for sending directly to your customer.


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    Static and dynamic balancing of your parts

    We regularly provide rotor balancing services to companies and repairers across UK and Europe who require fan balancing, shaft balancing, crankshaft balancing and much more.

    We have the experience and machinery to carry out static and dynamic balancing of a vast range of parts including fans, rotors, armatures, discs, and impellers. If it rotates, we have probably balanced it before. You are in safe hands with us!

    Our machines and rotor balancing service

    We use several vertical and horizontal balancing machines from the balancing technology experts Universal Balancing to provide you with guaranteed high quality precision balancing solutions for your parts.

    Our machines have a capacity of 1500 kg as standard with further solutions on request. With routine servicing and the latest balancing technology, you can rest assured your part will be well balanced helping reduce wear and tear and prolong the life of your machinery.