Why our customers choose us for balancing services

Impellor balancing

The benefits of outsourcing balancing services

A balancing services provider can be a valuable partner for businesses and individuals alike. Here are some of the reasons we think it makes sense to outsource your balancing:

  • Your operator’s illness and holidays don’t affect production.
  • Your parts will get balanced on high accuracy, well maintained and certified balancing machines.
  • If your balancing machine goes down, you’re going to need some reliable help getting jobs complete.
  • Different parts may require different balancing equipment, we have the machinery to balance almost anything you send our way.
  • You can avoid capital investment, labour and ongoing maintenance costs associated with owning a balancing machine.
  • If your throughput is temporarily high, partner with us to pick up the slack and see you through your busy period.
  • You don’t need to be a balancing expert, avoid training costs and leave balancing to experienced balancing engineers so you can get on with what you do best.

Who can benefit from balancing services?

A balancing services provider can be a valuable partner for businesses and individuals alike. Here are some of the reasons we think it makes sense to outsource your balancing:

  • We have provided balancing services to many industries, including automotive, NHS, water, military, aerospace, agricultural and many more.
  • Manufacturers with a spike in demand or requiring support while their balancing machine or operator is unavailable.
  • SME’s and garages with regular balancing work looking to reduce overheads or requiring occasional support to meet demand.
  • R&D teams and universities with a new product or prototype rotor. Our balancing engineers can provide some design feedback for better balancing and manufacturing. Either send us your part to balance or arrange a meeting to discuss in more detail.
  • Individuals with occasional or 1 off balancing needs. Maybe you require crankshaft balancing for the old car you’re restoring. Or looking to save money by extending the life of expensive rotating parts from agricultural machinery or complex fans and pumps.

Why our customers choose us:

  • We have 70+ years of balancing knowledge and have balanced almost any part you can think of.
  • Assured high quality balancing to industry leading standards.
  • We offer very competitive pricing, we can compete with your current provider.
  • We have balanced many parts where others have been unsuccessful.
  • We are equipped to handle both one off jobs and large quantity batch jobs.
  • You only deal with one person to keep communication quick and easy.
  • We don’t mess you about, we’re upfront about what can and can’t be done.
  • Quoting is provided by an experienced balancing engineer who will support you through the process.
  • We provide a quick turnaround and a same or next day service.
  • We serve a local (Bristol) and global audience where you can drop off your part or arrange collection and delivery.
  • We use well maintained, high precision balancing machinery manufactured by Universal Balancing.

Static and dynamic balancing of your parts

We provide static and dynamic balancing services to repairers and large companies across UK and Europe who require crankshaft balancing, fan balancing, shaft balancing, and much more. We have the equipment and experience to balance almost any rotating component quickly and to a high standard.

We use several vertical and horizontal balancing machines from the balancing technology experts Burke Porter to provide you with guaranteed high quality precision balancing solutions for your parts.

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