Electric motor balancing machines

Our eRotor balancing machine range is unbeatable in the global market for ultra-high accuracy electric motor balancing with industry leading cycle times.

We have automatic and manual configurations to suit any production volume and a fully automated machine changeover option for error free changeover to another part type in seconds.

Electric motor balancing machines
Electric motor balancing machines

These machines can be supplied as audit only stations or with manual or automatic dual drilling for fast and accurate correction. Other methods of correction are available such as mill, laser welding and other special proprietary technologies.

  • Fast operator free automatic changeover of complete machine
  • Modular design provides building blocks to provide any configuration you need.
  • Accelerate, Measure & Decelerate as quick as 8 seconds

When support is needed, our customers enjoy 24/7 remote support and access to our global network of service engineers.

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