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We’re the UK’s leading precision balancing company providing static and dynamic balancing services to the whole of the UK from our Bristol based facility. We have supported independent repairers as well as large manufacturers and have vast experience in balancing a range of aerospace, automotive, and industrial parts.

We understand the importance of your products and work together with you to provide a straightforward and unbeatable service.

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Our story

Universal Contract Balancing Ltd. has a rich 70-year balancing history with Universal Balancing (now trading as Burke Porter) and BTD Jackson and Bradwell. Our contract balancing services began with Universal Balancing Ltd. in 1995 but the company quickly moved into balancing machine manufacturing providing leading balancing technology to some of the world’s largest manufacturers.

With the significant growth of the company, it was decided that contract balancing services would be run separately as Universal Contract Balancing Ltd. so that a dedicated team of people could focus on providing a world class balancing service.

Our dedicated contract balancing team contains some of Universal Balancing’s most experienced balancing engineers. Combined with an expansive range of their high precision balancing machines, we can ensure any part type or quantity is balanced quickly and to a high standard. With all our internal processes certified to ISO 9001-2015 standards you can be assured of a quality balanced product.

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In 2015, Universal Contract Balancing joined the Burke Porter Group (now Ascential Technologies), a global collective of intelligent machinery manufacturers. The Burke Porter Group family now encompasses over 40 locations across 4 continents, with manufacturing and support capabilities covering the globe.


Static and dynamic balancing of your parts

We provide static and dynamic balancing services to repairers and large companies across UK and Europe who require crankshaft balancing, fan balancing, shaft balancing, and much more. We have the equipment and experience to balance almost any rotating component quickly and to a high standard.

We use several vertical and horizontal balancing machines from the balancing technology experts Burke Porter to provide you with guaranteed high quality precision balancing solutions for your parts.

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