Crankshaft balancers

We have crankshaft balancers for all types of light and heavy-duty crankshaft, inline, V and single cylinder.

We also provide mass centering machines for raw cast crankshafts with optional feedback from production lines to fine tune the machine process.

Crankshaft balancing machine
Crankshaft balancing machine

We offer single and multi-station crankshaft balancers both with a fully automated operating sequence and optional automatic loading by interfacing your conveying equipment to further increase production throughput.

  • Auto correction can include dual drills, minimum quantity lubricant and advanced chip extraction.
  • Increase drill life and reduce correction holes with the self-learning unbalance algorithm.
  • Rapid part to part cycle times and high levels of reduction ratio for all types of crankshaft configurations.

When support is needed, our customers enjoy 24/7 remote support and access to our global network of service engineers.

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