Non-Rotate Balancing Machines

Our vertical non-rotating balancing machine range is ideal for parts requiring balancing in a single plane balancing rotors with or without a shaft of their own, weighing up to 1500 kg. Because parts are not rotated there are many benefits over their rotating counterpart.

Non rotate balancing machine
Non rotate balancing machine
  • Simple tooling
  • No need to clamp the part to spin it
  • Very fast measurement times
  • No need for safety guarding
  • No moving components – very high
  • Levels of reliability
  • Power consumption for computer only

The machine comes complete with our UNI-64- NR Windows based measuring system which is extremely user friendly and has a whole host of features to include: multi-job store, discreet correction points, named weights/clips, split weight, tooling compensation and remote diagnostics.

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