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Balancing Services

Outsource your balancing process and achieve perfection with our precision balancing services.

Remove the need for capital equipment, maintenance and labour costs.

Get guaranteed quality and turnaround times.


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    Any Quantity

    From a single part to batches of 1000’s, we have the machines, the people and the processes to accommodate any size of order.


    We have capacity to balance parts up to 1500 kg, up to 6000 mm in length and 2000 mm in diameter in one or two planes (static/dynamic).

    Fast Turnaround

    Standard turnaround of 5 working days and an optional same / next day balancing express service for those urgent jobs.

    Quality Guarantee

    Guaranteed high quality precision balancing to industry leading standards or your money back.
    ISO 9001:2015 certified.


    We serve some of the largest manufacturers in the UK and Europe and have a 70+ year history of providing static and dynamic balancing services.

    Contract Balancing Services

    Universal Contract Balancing is part of the Universal Balancing brand and is the UK’s leading dynamic balancing services provider.

    Our dedicated contract balancing team contains some of Universal Balancing’s most experienced balancing engineers. Combined with an expansive range of our own high precision balancing machines and an extensive tooling selection, we can ensure any part type or quantity is balanced quickly and to a high standard.

    We offer a range of static and dynamic balancing services to cover your needs.

    R&D & prototype balancing support
    One off jobs
    Small & large quantity batch work
    Same day balancing
    Collection and delivery


    With over 70 years of balancing history in the company, we have built up vast knowledge and experience in all areas of rotor balancing and repair.

    We are the ideal balancing partner having supported repairers with occasional requirements for balancing as well as automotive companies with large batches. Expert attention is given to all!

    We have balanced almost every type of part you could think of, we typically balance:

    Fans & Blowers
    Brake discs

    ISO Quality Balancing

    With all our internal processes certified to ISO 9001-2015 standards and actively followed, you can be assured of a quality balanced product and complete customer satisfaction.

    Our balancing machines are kept to the highest standard and are routinely serviced and calibrated to ensure we provide the precision balancing you require.

    Every part is returned with a balance certificate
    Custom certifications to suit your needs
    Customer specific processes for repeat work
    Flexible to work to your specific requirements and procedures


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