Dynamic Balancing Services

At Universal Contract Balancing we are the UK’s leading dynamic balancing service provider and are an ideal partner to balance your parts. Whether you are a repairer who has an occasional requirement for balancing or an automotive company with large batches, our team of experienced balancers are on hand to provide you with the highest quality precision balancing service and our flexible approach means doing business with us is simple and straightforward. For those who need a fast turnaround, our emergency balancing service ensures we can turn your job around in your desired timeframe.

We typically balance fans, rotors, armatures, crankshafts, impellers, wheels, discs and rollers but we pretty much have seen every type of part - if it rotates then we have almost certainly balanced it before. We have 7 vertical and horizontal dynamic balancing machines all fitted with the best in class measuring systems and computerised print-out capability. We have the capacity to balance parts up to 1500kg, up to 6000mm in length and 2000mm in diameter in one or two planes (static/dynamic).

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As experts in our field, we already serve some of the UK’s largest manufacturers and with a 60 year history we have built up a vast amount of experience, and with all of our internal processes certified to ISO 9001-2015 standards you can be assured of a quality balanced product.

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